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From Writing the Unreadable to Internet Filter Bubbles

 - Nov 2, 2012
Despite the boundless opportunities of the Internet for businesses, brands, relationships and entertainment, there are certain individuals out there who dedicate their efforts to informing the masses on the disadvantages of social media and digital culture. This collection of speeches reminds social media enthusiasts and crowdsourcing supporters why new technologies and platforms shouldn't always be trusted. From online privacy to hacking and content filtering, there are many threats and disadvantages posed by today's digital culture.

While a large number of people are in favor of crowdsourcing, Scott Belsky is against it because he believes the best or smartest ideas don't always go viral; mediocre ideas are instead acknowledged.

Malcolm Gladwell believes that society doesn't have a firm understanding of the intentions of many new technologies and social platforms, which leaves room for evil manipulation and exploitation.

These speeches on the disadvantages of social media demonstrate why the Internet and its appeal of boundless connectivity and opportunities cannot always be trusted for reasons of security, privacy and creative control.