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From New Age Currency to the Evolution of Consumption

 - Nov 30, 2012
These digital retail keynotes discuss the increasing number of purchases and transactions that now take place on the Internet as opposed to in stores. In addition to the wide range of customer services that brands make available to their consumers online, individuals no longer have to leave their homes to purchase products. The last decade has witnessed an overwhelming shift in physical to digital purchases.

Doug Stephens, who is a retail expert and who is featured here in three speeches, explains how the entire landscape of retail is transforming. Retailers and brands can no longer ignore the "third shelf" that now exists. This concept refers to the new space that exists exclusive of the shelf of a store or in a consumer's home. Online stores, catalogs and promo codes are transforming the way people consume.

These digital keynotes reflect on the new consumer behaviors emerging in the 21st century as a direct result of the Internet and social media.