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From the Web’s Impact on Productivity to Innovative Tech-Savvy Youth

 - May 30, 2014
These digital age talks examine how technology and the Internet allow for instant access to information and the ways this results in innovation. Having knowledge at one’s finger tips is invaluable in any industry and makes problem solving an easier task. These speakers discuss social media and other digital revolution-enabled things.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton advocates against government control of the online space in her Internet freedoms speech, believing barriers create economic, political and moral costs. In his globalization speech, past World Bank Vice President Ian Goldin describes the importance of context and knowing what to do with the data and information available. The David Cameron keynote explores the ways politics have been changed in the informational age, something the British Prime Minister would have considerable expertise in.

These digital age talks discuss the transformative effect the information revolution has across the world in a variety of industries. While an unprecedented access to knowledge helps entrepreneurs innovate and companies solve big problems, the government is a big player in how the future of the internet will evolve.