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From Apps as Educational Tools to Vote-Altering Apss

 - Oct 31, 2013
The developments in apps over the last two years can be exclusively described as revolutionary and innovative. The extent to which apps have become an essential part of everyday life is hugely significant. Not only have apps targeted towards very niche markets been developed, but apps are also being used to serve great purposes in business and philanthropy. This collection of keynotes discusses some new apps on the markets as well as general developments.

One of the most notable speeches comes from Rick Smolan who invented an app capable of predicting when a user is going to experience feelings of depressions two days prior. The app is targeted to individuals with diabetes as they are more prone to depression. The app notifies friends and families as a means to prepare or help.

Debbie Forster explains how apps are being used in the classroom and how they can actually enhance the educational experience for students. 'Apps for Good' is a course that empowers youth and students by putting them in imaginary life situations and problems they must solve. The app is accessible all across the world.

The developments in apps are an exciting story to follow and will continue to evolve in exciting and new ways.