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From Electric Building Blocks to Seven Principles of Design

 - Apr 25, 2013
These innovative design keynote speeches may range in topic and structure, but they each provide enlightening insight, research and discoveries about the world of design today. While many of these speeches focus on design in technology, many touch on the environment, architecture, engineering and sustainability.

One of the most notable speeches comes from designer Thomas Thwaites who shares the story to design and build the world's first toaster from scratch. His speech, while entertaining and engaging, delivers a powerful message about the industrial processes that take place every single day and on which we rely.

Jan Chipchase 'Design Anthropology' speech is particularly fascinating in that he reveals the experience he wants products to provide as they starting point for design. His research process makes for efficient design as it aims to "drill down" to the essence of an experience in order to build a foundation before he even begins to design it.

Guy Kawasaki's innovation keynote breaks down his four tips for innovative design. He believes that products must be beautiful for in their design or else consumers will not be attracted to them.