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These Democracy Speeches Explores a Variety of Related Topics

 - Sep 14, 2014
This collection of democracy speeches hosts many important and iconic political figures, as well as various lesser known individuals. While the individual topics of the speeches certainly differ from one another, the common theme throughout is democracy and how it affects so many facets of life, business and social organization.

The relationship between social media and democracy is explored by more than one speaker here. Mashable's Pete Cashmore, Hillary Clinton and Joi Ito address the ways social networks and democracy affect one another. Pete Cashmore believes that social media has the power to bring democracy to developing and politically torn nations as it can bring people together in ways that never existed before.

Other speakers here focus on democracy and new emerging economies and currencies. As democracy is being redefined across the globe, so are the ways people consume.

These democracy speeches cover a wide range of bases and serve as informative and engaging content for people across all industries.