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From Finding Bliss in Life to the Power of Purpose

 - Jan 10, 2014
In today's world, there exists a very long list of definitions of success. Depending on who you talk to, success can mean a number of things. While some believe success is truly translated in one's salary and the number of cars they own, others believe a healthy body and mind can define success. These curated speeches center in on different perspectives of success from people across a wide range of industries.

What is a very interesting and eye-opening speech by Sheryl Sandberg explores how success is defined differently for men and women as a result of gender stereotypes. Her speech discusses the ways men are able to experience success without scrutiny and judgement by their peers, whereas women often become less likable and trusted by peers after achieving success.

Robert Steven Kaplan, on the other hand, believes that success can only be defined on a personal set of standards. He sees it as unrealistic to stack oneself up against other people because not everyone starts in the same position.

Barbara Walters believes that finding bliss -- either through one's career or relationships -- is the key to success.

Ultimately, when it comes to existing definitions of success, it is important to pinpoint what you value in life.