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From Customer Obsession to the Power of Perspective

 - Dec 12, 2012
This collection of speeches highlights the increasing importance and advantages of customer-based marketing tactics in today's business world. Jeremy Gutsche, the founder and CEO of, is an avid supporter of leaders putting themselves in the shoes of consumers and customers. He advises brands to "market from the perspective of the customer, not the advertiser." One of the strategies he uses to successfully accomplish this is creating a cultural connection with consumers.

Advertising expert Rory Sutherland also strongly supports the need to get inside consumers' minds and to understand their preferences, values and needs. Throughout his speeches featured here, he often refers to "intangible value." An individual can possess a very different perceived value of something than someone else. This creates important and advantageous opportunities for advertisers and marketers to capture an audience by framing products or services in ways that complement specific consumer needs.

These customer-based marketing tactics are not only helpful, they also reflect the complex landscape of the market today and the need for brands to be flexible and experimental.