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From Consumer-Based Authority to Exclusivity in Sales

 - May 4, 2012
In today's unpredictable and unstable market, brands and companies are recognizing the value in customer-focused business strategies to produce winning results and stay ahead of competitors. Both small and large brands are tailoring the ways in which they interact with and appeal to today's consumers.

As Jeremy Gutsche notes in his keynote, to really make an impact on a customer's mind -- and decisions -- businesses must truly understand a customer's preferences. Gutsche, like a handful of professional speakers and market experts represented in this collection of videos, believes in the boundless power of customer engagement. Dominating today's markets no longer depends on the size or wealth of a brand, but on its ability and willingness to truly understand the consumer.

Whether your're looking to create a dialogue with your company's customers or looking to commit more of your time and resources to strengthening current client relationships, this collection of speakers offers top market insight and advice.

Discover how you can transform your brand and capture today's informed consumers with these customer-focused business strategies.