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From the Importance of Imagination to the Power of Ideas

 - Jan 17, 2013
This collection of creativity-focused speeches demonstrates the importance of a work culture and environment that embraces free thinking, wandering minds and imagination. One of the biggest supporters of harnessing and fostering creativity is author and education expert Sir Ken Robinson. He believes that the future prosperity of humankind relies on an education system that nurtures and encourages the development of creative skills.

Jeremy Gutsche, the CEO and founder of, sees creativity as the driving force behind innovation. He believes that creativity stems from understanding the specific needs and preferences of consumers.

Bill Gates, who is also featured here, believes that today's creativity needs to be put to use to serve a greater cause. His speeches explore the possibility of today's creative minds being capable of solving, once and for all, issues such as global warming, world hunger and disease.

These creativity-focused speeches each bring something unique to the table that can be applied in life and in business.