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From Restoring Trust on Wall Street to Corporate Green Practices

 - Oct 19, 2012
Since 2008, the world has witnessed two staggeringly detrimental financial crises, both in the United States and in Europe, which have led analysts and economists to focus on more conscious business ideas. While capitalist business principles and concepts enabled companies and corporations in the Western world to generate profits of mammoth amounts throughout the twentieth century, economists and theorists are beginning to witness several patterns of regression. The simple truth is that today's capitalism cannot sustain itself into the future.

The speakers featured in this collection of videos all touch on creating sustainable business principles and methods. From finding social good-based purposes for a business to more transparency in transactions, these speakers all recognize the need for change to take place.

Paul Polman and Jason Clay both argue that ensuring a sustainable market for the future, in which conscious business ideas and policies become the norm, is the responsibility of the large, multi-national corporations.

Don Tapscott is in favor of creating entirely new institutions as means of ensuring a prosperous future. These conscious business ideas touch on ways the environment and the economy can work together and how why businesses need a primary focus that doesn't solely revolve around shareholder value.