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These Connectivity Speeches Look at the Power of Unusual Bonds

 - Jun 27, 2013
Relationships and connections in life, business, education and customer service are the focus of this collection of connectivity speeches. From a business standpoint, relationships and connections are continuing to grow in importance. with social media now playing a huge role in the way business is conducted, there is much more transparency between sellers and buyers.

Michael Vickers is an individual who truly understands what it means to forge a strong and meaningful connection with his consumers. He believes that every business and client relationship needs to be treated like a marriage. He states that businesses need to understand that different consumers are going to value different things, and for this reason, businesses need to treat their clients on a one on one basis. If consumers are ignored, just like a marriage, that relationship will weaken.

The speech by Al Roth recognizes a variety of relationships that many people don't really recognize as carrying market characteristics. He speaks about marriage as well and argues that it is a special type of market as it constitutes matchmaking -- not just buy and sell.

These connectivity speeches shed new light on a variety of interactions, relations and connections in the modern world.