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From Context Marketing to Revolutionized Retail Experiences

 - Jun 4, 2012
This collection of keynote of speeches highlights not only the importance of connecting with consumers, but also the different ways businesses and companies can connect with consumers across a wide range of industries today.

As Jeremy Gutsche outlines in his keynotes, which are based on a variety of fascinating case studies and research featured in his award-winning book, creating a cultural connection with consumers is critical.

Individuals including Bruce Philp and Shane Gibson explain how today's consumer is more powerful than ever. Because of social media, consumers today can hold brands, businesses and companies accountable to their satisfaction. For this reason, businesses must invest more time, efforts and resources into truly understanding their clientele to be able to serve them effectively.

Another great way to connect with consumers is by marketing not only a particular product, but a certain lifestyle that a product or service represents. Graeme Newell explains how emotional branding can entice consumers to invest in a brand regardless of the cost of its products or services.

Bruce Turkel sees matchless value in marketing products to consumers based on their wants, instead of their needs.

This collection of speeches offers insightful advice into connecting with today's empowered consumers on a much more intimate level.