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These Communication Speeches Show its Influence at Work

 - Aug 13, 2014
These communication speeches highlight the ways communication methods can influence a work environment. Many people underestimate the power of strong communication skills, but these keynotes prove that the ways a team communicates with one another can truly impact a team's success.

Many professionals perceive communication as a means of exchanging information between people, but Sheryl Sandberg's speech shows that the ways we choose to communicate with one another can actually enable us to be accountable for our action and to implement positive change. When we are able to communicate openly and take ownership of our actions, the whole team benefits.

Sylvia Ann Hewlett's communication speech shows how communication can hold women back in career advancement. Traits typically associated with women -- soft spoken, timid and hesitant -- are negatively perceived in the workplace and as a result, prevent women from emitting what Hewlett calls an "executive presence."

Also included in these communication speeches is a talk by Julian Treasure. He believes that the most effective way to communicate is by dedicating your words and conversations to positive topics, solutions or outcomes.

Communication is a key factor in a lucrative business and too many people -- even in today's world -- overlook its power to influence.