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From Disbanding Cultural Stereotypes to Failure and Reinvention

 - Oct 19, 2013
A wide variety of topics are covered in these comedian talks, but most offer life lessons. As one would expect, these motivational tidbits are offered in a comedic way, and more often than not take place at various graduation and commencement ceremonies. On the other hand, sometimes these comics choose to use their celebrity to address issues they feel passionately about.

Ricky Gervais is one such comedian. Not only does he discuss the art of comedy in one of his speeches, he also speaks out on animal cruelty and religion. Comedians like Bill Cosby and Ellen DeGeneres, however, both offer their perspectives on what it means to be successful and how their views have changed over time.

As observational humor is a large part of being a comic, these comedian talks show funny people must also be intelligent. Therefore, their views on topics like success, challenges and collaboration are truly worth hearing.