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From World-Changing Marketing Strategies to Perceptions of Genius

 - May 12, 2015
These cognitive science talks explain how neuroscience and the way the brain works informs the way we behave across a variety of subject matter. This includes everything from the formation of bias when predicting the future to deconstructing sexual objectification paradigms to motivating employees.

Professor, writer and political commentator Caroline Heldman dismantles the notion of the "sexy lie" in her sexual objectification lecture. She shares on how this topic is actually about how women gain value and consequently stunt themselves in a range of spheres. In one of many cognitive science talks detailing cognitive bias, entrepreneur Zack Kanter describes why people are unable to accurately predict the future and explores why they become emotional and defensive when discussing events to come. Author Daniel Pink talks about scientifically evaluating motivation in his innovative speech, where he states traditional reward-based incentives don't work.

Understanding the psychology behind why people act the way they do is helpful across industries and gives better insight into consumer behavior.