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From Exploiting Chaos to Making Corporate Friendships

 - Dec 12, 2012
The benefits of close-knit work cultures, as is reflected in this collection of speeches, are wide-ranging. From creating a team of employees who are all on the same page to people who want to see their coworkers succeed, an office that enjoys one another's company will be more likely to succeed. Award-winning author and CEO of, a trend-spotting site with over one billion views, insists that, "Work teams that laugh together become resilient."

It makes sense that a healthy and happy team will succeed more than teams who don't know one another well or get along. Maurizio De Franciscis, an education entrepreneur, argues in favor of a social work environment. He believes that a close-knit team will be more likely to openly share their ideas with one another, ultimately leading to more innovation.

The benefits of close-knit work cultures presented here can be applied to a wide variety of teams, companies and corporate work environments in various industries.