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These Career Presentations Provide Insight to Today's Working World

 - Jul 11, 2013
The career presentations presented here explore a number of facets of the notion of the modern "career." With discussions ranging from the best methods to reach one's dream job to the best ways for members of Generation Y get their foot into their preferred industry, these speeches have plenty to offer in terms of advice, perspectives and personal stories of failure and triumph.

University of Waterloo’s economics instructor Dr. Larry Smith presents a speech with extremely unconventional career advice. He advises pursuing a career that doesn't align with your biggest passions. He sees passions as the most fascinating thing of someone's life and it is too much of a risk to put all those eggs in one's "career basket." Hard work doesn't always equate to landing the dream job, creating the potential to truly crush one's dreams.

Cathy Benko argues that careers today should no longer be measured by how quickly an employee gets to the top a company, but by how many skills in different areas he or she can gain.

David Aaker pinpoints timing as the main factor determining whether or not one will experience success. The availability of careers can depend on the market and the demand of consumers.

Whether you're looking for a career change or advice for getting your foot in the door, these career presentations will be very helpful.