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From Non-Linear Life Paradigms to Finding the Right Job

 - Nov 22, 2013
This collection of speeches features career advice for people in all stages of their careers. Whether you're a student, a new post-secondary grad, a junior associate, a manger or a CEO, you will find useful insights and tips in these speeches. Hearing from a very eclectic group of people from different industries, these speeches also offer engaging anecdotes for those who aren't necessarily seeking job advice.

A standout speech from the lot comes from Canadian comedian Margaret Cho who argues in favor tenacity over talent when it comes to success. She believes persistence can beat out experience when it comes down to two people going for the same position. She also emphasizes leaving the past behind you and focusing on the future.

The career advice provided by futurist Sonia Arrison focuses on the idea that everyone is going to live longer in modern society, meaning people's careers are going to last longer as well. She encourages people to stay open minded and be willing to take on new roles and to not be afraid to change directions later in life.

The speech by Jullien Gordon suggests that everyone has a unique purpose and career path, but that often means making your own career and creating a new position for yourself.