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From Intelligent Infrastructure to Breaking Down Hierarchies

 - Apr 25, 2013
A very common theme to emerge from this collection of business structure keynotes is that top down management is experiencing a decline. These speeches demonstrate why traditional business models and structures are no longer creating positive results for today's top brands. As the demands of consumers transform in the 21st century, so, too, do the work cultures.

Some of the speakers featured here discuss new management styles, while others offer alternative structures to the typical business hierarchies seen across most industries.

Peter Senge emphasizes the need for businesses to be characterized by collective intelligence and teamwork. He feels that this is one of the major reasons why society isn't progressing to its full capacity. He takes this one point further by stating that this shift in businesses will eventually trickle down to society.

Melinda Gates suggests that today's businesses, including not-for-profits, apply the business model uses by Coca-Cola. Gates explains that the success of Coca-Cola rests in its ability to take real-time data and immediately feed it back into its products, to tap into local entrepreneurial talent and to effectively market its products.

These speeches push for the removal of hierarchy and closed business models in order to succeed in today's rapidly changing world.