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From Low-Cost Incubators to Plastic Made From Fungus

 - Jul 10, 2013
In today's world, inspiration can come from anywhere, and these carefully curated business speeches explore some of the most ingenious and innovative ideas to have recently been introduced. It is often the case that companies will find inspiration for their next big product or service in completely opposite industries. By using a product for something entirely different than originally intended, for example, new -- and potentially better -- ideas can arise.

Eben Bayer, inspired by the world's most effective recycling system -- mushrooms -- decided to apply their characteristics and qualities to making plastic. More specifically, a small component of mushrooms known as mycelium, is actually self-assembling and can be used to grow materials with the same properties as plastics. This new "plastic" can be used in electronics as well as furniture.

Inspired by the warmth provided from a sleeping bag, Jane Chen developed a portable baby incubator that mothers in developing countries could access for their babies. Determined to lower the statistics of newborn deaths, Chae designed a small sleeping bag that contains a wax-like substance that can be heated to provide the necessary warmth for newborn babies.

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