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From Customer Obsession to Developing a Loyal Clientele

 - Sep 20, 2013
Strong, healthy and authentic business relationships have always been an important pillar in the success of a company. Now, more than ever, these relationships have been pushed into the spotlight because of the Internet and social media. No sour transaction or act of poor customer service can go under the radar.

These speeches feature a number of experts and professionals who share their tips on how to build and maintain positive relationships with consumers, employees and competitors.

According to Stan Slap, the products a company sells are completely irrelevant. Consumers can buy a product almost anywhere, meaning brands need to offer something other than what they make. Slap believes that real value and success lie in the relationships brands are able to create with their consumers. The relationship between a consumer and a company needs to be authentic and intimate.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche believes that businesses can only become successful and innovative upon connecting with their consumers, and really getting into their head spaces. Gutsche suggests that forging an emotional connection with consumers will enable brands to make products that their clientele actually want.

Business relationships are often easy to forget about once a company becomes successful, but as these speeches remind us, they are the secret to a sustained prosperity.