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From Creative Business Models to Envisioning Better Business

 - Aug 12, 2014
This collection of speeches features a number of professionals, CEOs and experts discussing the most effective business models. Different people will naturally advocate for different business models, and in a time where change is happening faster than ever, the types of business models are also increasing.

One of the most interesting speeches comes from Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia. His talk deep dives into the importance of developing a strong business model when operating online. He then elaborates on the lucrative relationship Wikipedia shares with Google. So long as advertising remains relevant, search engines and paid ads makes perfect sense from a business standpoint.

Budding entrepreneurs will certainly find Jason Fried's advice compelling -- or at least peculiar. According to Fried, entrepreneurs should mimic the behavior of drug dealers by giving away some of their products or services free to result in consumers becoming "hooked." In doing so, word can spread more easily and effectively than investing large amounts into advertising initiatives.

From creativity-based business models to ones that are staff-structured, there are dozens to be learned within this collection of informative speeches.