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From Eco-Based Revenue Streams to Lessons from Soft Drinks

 - Jul 5, 2013
This collection of business model presentations offers different models and theories from a number of interesting and experienced individuals. Many of the proposed business models focus on the environment, while others are rooted exclusively in an online strategy or focus entirely on the consumer.

The business model presentation by Gerd Leonhard describes current transaction models as having plenty of friction, while the transactions of the future will be much more fluid. The reason for which transactions are so much more "fluid" now can be attributed to the accessibility consumers have with brands and with each other through platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Today's generation is defined by the screen and businesses will have to adapt to appeal to its consumers.

Cliff Thomas believes that people need to find a way for environmental business models to mirror traditional business models, especially if they are to succeed. People will not be willing to invest in the environment unless they see some type of ROI. This idea carries huge implications for eco and philanthropic businesses.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche sees a business model that focuses exclusively on the consumer and their preferences. A strong understand of consumer preferences can be the ultimate driving force behind success today.