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From the Economics of Geography to New Age Currency

 - May 9, 2013
These business globalization keynote speeches highlight some of the ways economies and markets are becoming more closer and tight-knit, as well as new currencies that are emerging. These speeches also speak to the growing role of Africa and the optimism harbored by many investors and economists for the continent.

Alternatively, some speakers like Magatte Wade believe that we have now entered a time and age in which American brands dominate the world and its inhabitants. Her speech discusses the way American has mastered exporting its culture through a long list of brands. She does, however, believe that Africa can experience economic growth and prosperity by improving the way it is perceived around the world and showing people what its different cultures have to offer.

Rachel Botsman's keynote focuses on the new currency: trust. She introduces the concept of individuals trading things like skills -- from making sushi to building a deck. People all over the world will be able to connect and use their knowledge and skill set as a currency.

These business globalization keynote speeches offer insight into how the business world is globalizing itself outside traditional economies and markets.