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From Corporate Addiction to Risk to Recycling Garbage

 - May 30, 2014
This collection of keynotes examines business and climate change. Nearly a decade ago, businesses would shy away from adopting green practices because of the cost; today, however, more and more consumers are seeking out the businesses that operate in a sustainable manner. These speeches discuss the direction in which sustainable business is headed, as well as the consequences of staying put in the past.

One of the biggest champions of sustainable business -- surprising to some -- is Richard Branson. Unknown to many is Branson's heavy involvement in the eco movement. He believes that the environment offers the world's biggest entrepreneurial opportunities. In Bransons' eyes, every project a business takes on needs to be rooted in making the world a better, more sustainable place.

The speech by Ford CEO Bill Ford envisions a future in which the brand works directly with the environment to deliver its promises to its customers.

The talk by Steve Howard, riddled with urgency, states that businesses need to act now or else the future will be sacrificed. Whereas in the past eco-friendly products were "nice," they are now a necessity.

While these these speeches on business and climate change offer warnings, they also offer solutions and strategies for making the world a more sustainable place.