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These Speeches Offer Insight Into How to Start a Business and Succeed

 - Sep 3, 2013
This informative collection of speeches focuses on providing business advice to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Some of these speeches deal with examining business models, while others deal with failed ventures and leadership.

Entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie advises people to view their business mistakes as platforms for learning. He discusses his own career, and the failures he's encountered. Mycoskie believes he wouldn't have been successful without his failures, because they helped him to be better in different aspects of business.

Phil Gordon offers helpful tips for achieving success in his speech. Gordon stresses the importance of being both aggressive and patient in business; jump on great business opportunities, but wait for them to pay off.

Jason Fried encourages Internet-based businesses to use a sort of drug dealing business model. He advises them to give customers a taste of a service for free, and to start charging when they're hooked.

These clever speeches come from a variety of successful entrepreneurs, who have already gone through the start-up process.