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These Brand Keynote Presentations Examine Effective Brand Identity

 - May 29, 2013
The importance of having a strong and clear brand mantra is explored in this collection of brand keynote presentations. As innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche always reminds audiences in his keynotes, a strong brand mantra is more often than not the deciding factor in a brand's long-term success. He discusses the concept of '7 words or less' for brands. A brand should be able to summarize its mission or purpose clearly in no more than seven words. This statement serves as the guide for a company.

Marc Shillum believes that consistency in branding is directly related to a brand's relevancy in the market and in the minds of consumers. Brands need to be consistent in their branding and the messages they send to consumers. It is often the case that consumers rely on how they feel about a brand over how they feel about a specific product when deciding what to purchase.

These brand keynote speeches offer insight from some of most informed speakers across various industries.