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From Making Better Eye Contact to the Benefits of Smiling

 - Jun 14, 2013
These curated body language presentations discuss how things like eye contact, posture and one's voice can have a huge impact on the way they are perceived by peers.

Ron Gutman offers audiences a fascinating speech on the health benefits of smiling. His speech reveals that smiling can produce higher levels of happiness than money or chocolate. Its benefits don't stop there though as smiling can actually make people appear more competent in the eyes of others.

Amy Cuddy introdices the concept of "nonverbals" in her talk on body posture and perception. She suggests that an individual's nonverabls (posture, stance and body movements) govern the way people are perceived -- and the way people perceive themselves.

Her studies also demonstrate that someone can improve their self-confidence by simply taking a more "open" approach to their body language.

These body language presentations offer insight into an incredibly fascinating topic of human behavior.