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From Breaking Old Habits to How to Challenge Yourself

 - Apr 4, 2014
Building better habits -- both personal and professional -- is something almost every person is constantly trying to achieve. This collection of speeches explores the different facets of habit-building, how habits affect someone's personal and professional well-being and why the idea of habits -- good or bad -- can actually hinder one's development and growth.

Margrét Pála is one individual who believes teaching routine and certain habits to young children is an archaic method; she instead preaches teaching children how to think for themselves and to be resilient. Pála believes instilling habits in children will make them vulnerable to being incapable of problem solving on their own.

BJ Fogg believes many habits exist to benefit an individual -- such as healthy eating and exercising. If one is looking to alter their behavior to adopt better habits, he believes that breaking the behavior down into smaller acts will create more effective results.

In the speech by Matt Cutts, he suggests it takes 30 days to determine whether or not a new habit will stick or whether it will create change. First, people need to challenge themselves to stick it through; after 30 days the mind and body will be accustomed to it. If people aren't satisfied, they can try something else, knowing with confidence that it was not the right change.

Cultivating better habits is no easy feat; it takes time, effort and patience, but the end results can dramatically impact one's life for the better.