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From the Power of Asking to Fear as a Mind-Killer

 - Mar 26, 2014
The benefits of vulnerability are often challenging for one to truly understand because of the extreme blindness created by the fear of failure. For a very long time, vulnerability has been viewed as a flawed and weak human characteristic. These speeches show why vulnerability can actually benefit people by putting them in new, exciting and uncomfortable positions.

Tara Sophia Mohr believes that someone cannot fully reach their goals and dreams unless they are open and honest with themselves about their fears. Being open about your fears allows you to deal with them head on -- and likely realize that they are irrational and can be overcome.

The speech by Leah Eichler shows what can be lost by being too afraid or nervous to ask someone for something. She uses the analogy of asking a neighbor for a cup of sugar, an act that today seems very old-fashioned. Without asking for the cup of sugar, someone could miss out on things like a coffee -- or even worse, a cake. Eichker shows how important it is to get comfortable asking others for things, because in the end, the missed opportunities could be truly significant.

The benefits of vulnerability are often difficult to understand at first, but these speeches demonstrate the advantage at which it can put someone.