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From The Importance of the Hashtag to Citizen Journalism

 - Sep 28, 2012
In today's business world, there are still many companies and brands that refuse to recognize the many benefits of Twitter. In particular, there are many companies in the non-digital sectors that have a difficult time envisioning the ways a social media strategy could benefit them or help them reach their goals.

This collection of speeches not only demonstrates why Twitter can benefit businesses -- both inside and outside digital industries -- but it also explores the different ways a Twitter strategy has been effective in government institutions, the media and fashion.

Iconic brand managers including Tory Burch and Martha Stewart use Twitter to engage with their customers, to receive feedback on products and services and to gain insight into consumer preferences for future products.

Twitter has also been used by governments in developed and developing nations to alert citizens of natural disasters and security threats.

The benefits of Twitter can be seen both in the enhancement of products, customer service practices and the accomplishment of connecting people from all over the world.