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From the Open Approach to Analyzing Online Speeds

 - Jan 10, 2013
In today's modern world, the benefits of open source are moving to the forefront of conversations and dialogues where digital and technology industries are concerned. Powerful industry players including Steve Wozniak, Rod Beckstrom and Google's Chris DiBona are emphasizing the need for industries and digital brands to embrace open source-based policies.

The general consensus is that open source can scale brands and their projects in ways that never existed even ten years ago. From politics to increasing a brand's international presence, open source is the new strategy to be applied.

Steve Wozniak argues that better lives can be lived through the use of technology and devices. He notes, however, that this can only be achieved if individuals are willing to collaborate, share ideas and create an open flow of information.

The benefits of open source are approached in a variety of fascinating and progressive ways here.