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From Ideal Teaching Environments to Self-Directed Learning

 - Jan 31, 2014
The benefits of online education programs are something more and more educators are talking about. While many would argue against an environment in which there is no human to human interaction and engagement -- and therefore no way to truly gauge whether or not someone understands something -- others understand the true potential in a virtual classroom.

Online education programs mean that every individual can become a student again and learn things far out of reach in a regular classroom. The speech by Usman Riaz discusses this as he shares the story of how he taught himself how to play the guitar and the piano online.

The speech by Salman Khan shares the story of the Kahn Academy, the world's largest e-learning website that offers courses in every single subject for every single level. He believes everyone has the power to reach their learning potential and the site allows them to do that at their own pace with an infinite amount of resources.

These speeches showcase the benefits of online education in a way that creates potential for not just young students, but also for adults who wish to continue their education or pursue a field of interest or passion.