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From the Online Revolution to Harnessing the Chaos of Information

 - Oct 6, 2012
The multifaceted benefits of crowdsourcing are discussed in this collection of speakers. From politics, to medical services, education and economics, the potential of crowdsourcing and collaborative networking in today's world is infinite.

Rachel Botsman, who is featured here twice, believes that the economy is undergoing a drastic transformation thanks to crowdsourcing. Individuals from all over the world can not only connect, but through programs like, they're also able to trade services and items as an exclusive and private transaction.

According to Jay Adelson, brands and businesses can use crowdsourcing and collaborative filtering to create customized and personalized experiences for consumers. Large amounts of data, feedback and dialogue enable brands to get to know consumers on a one on one basis and access large amounts of information.

One of the most notable benefits of crowdsourcing, however, is its ability to literally save lives. Lucien Engelen's keynote describes how smartphones are used to help those in need of locating the closest AED-- automated external defibrillator. Crowdsourcing is also used to notify people of terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

The benefits of crowdsourcing as outlined in this collection of speakers demonstrate the many ways this online revolution is transforming business and society.