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These Speeches Offer Insight into Becoming Successful

 - Aug 6, 2013
These informative speeches offers viewers valuable strategic advice on becoming successful. Some of these speeches focus on successful online business strategies while others encourage setting small goals in order to achieve big success.

Robert Steven Kaplan stresses the importance of defining personal success in his keynote. He says that comparing one's self to peers can set people up for failure. It's important for individuals to decide what success means for them in order to achieve meaningful success.

Comedian Amy Poehler's speech focuses on the importance of collaborating to achieve success. She says that when working with others it's extremely important to keep an open mind.

Tony Robbins believes that success is mostly psychological. Changing one's attitude and beliefs and embracing a positive approach can seriously contribute to overall success.

These speeches provide ambitious individuals with helpful tips for achieving success both professionally and personally.