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These App Development Presentations Reveal the Potential

 - May 21, 2013
The app development presentations featured here illustrate the extent to which developers have expanded the world of apps for not only smartphones, but also for tablets and laptops. The innovations here fall under many categories -- from gaming to advertisement and shopping, the possibilities apps present today are boundless.

One of the most interesting app development presentations here comes from Dave Wiscus who discusses Apple as the brand that mastered app development. He explains how designing an app to look good is usually the last step of the process. He notes how there exists a very strong link between the desired experience for users of the app and its aesthetics.

A way in which apps have become integrated into the everyday lifestyle of consumers is through shopping and travel. AirBnb, a booking service that connects people from all over the world and processes vacation transactions, is also available in app form, giving users the freedom to book from their smartphone or tablet device.

These speeches on the development of apps highlight some of the most important milestones as well as the ways apps transform the landscape of social media and consumerism.