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From Storytelling Through Software to Smartphone Marketing

 - Oct 23, 2013
These advertising strategy presentations examine a variety of industry applications. These detail-oriented speeches do not look at the industry as a whole, or at marketing, which is a different field all together, but rather at principles and opportunities moving forward. Whether it is a specific tactic or a bigger picture innovation, there is much to be learned from these talks.

Rory Sutherland regularly gives keynotes on the topic of advertising as the current Executive Creative Director of OgilvyOne London. In an innovative speech, he notes human understanding is key not only in successful ads, but should also be integrated more effectively into politics and governance. Emotional branding through storytelling is also a powerful advertising application, as evidenced by Scott Deming's keynote address. Student Cory Carver also believes there is a lot of opportunity within the social business realm, as advertising has a way of both reflecting and creating culture.

As outlined in these advertising strategy presentations, there are many different areas of opportunity for this industry that while different, are equally valuable.