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These Speeches Dissect Theism Using Different Methods

 - Aug 14, 2013
This controversial collection of keynotes focus on religion. These speeches examine religion and question the notion of an almighty creator. Many of the speakers featured here are atheists, and others are scientists. These speeches tackle touchy subjects in an intelligent and thought-provoking way.

Entertainer Penn Jillette discusses the content of religious texts. Jillette was raised with religion, and claims that reading The Bible from cover to cover quickly converted him to atheism. He talks about controversial parts of The Bible that helped him decide to turn away from religion.

Frans de Waal talks about the idea of morality being independent from religion. He states that humans have existed for longer than religions, and he believes that even the earliest civilizations had some kind of inherent moral code. He suggests that religions have taken morality and used it to achieve goals, or to push certain agendas.

Bill Nye argues against teaching creationism to children. Nye urges parents not to push religion on their kids from an early age. He claims that science needs minds that properly understand the universe and evolution.

These keynotes question the necessity of religion and encourage viewers to logically examine the subject.