The World No Tobacco Day 2014 Campaign Focuses on People's Lifespan

By: Meghan Young - Jun 14, 2014
References: adeevee
The World No Tobacco Day 2014 ad campaign brings a scary statistic to light. It reads, "When you smoke you have 10 years less on your life expectancy." This is illustrated through a very minimalist image. A sheet of paper depicts the timeline of a person's life, in this case someone born in 1983, and shows by way of a cigarette how his or her long life is cut abruptly short.

Conceived and executed by D/Ara├║jo, an ad agency based in Florian├│polis, Brazil, the World No Tobacco Day 2014 ad campaign appeals to people's desire for a healthy long life. People continue to celebrate centenarians, yet by smoking tobacco, it is not likely those addicted will ever join that club.