Roy Stuart's Wooden Surfboard Design Brings Luxury to the Seas

By: Laura McQuarrie - Jul 3, 2014
References: woodworkingnetwork & luxurylaunches
After 20 years of research, Roy Stuart designed and crafted an impressive wooden surfboard that provides the ultimate surf experience on the seas—and with this opulent surfboard comes a $1.3 million price tag to match.

The sculptural Rampant surfboard comes in at just over 10' and was crafted with hand-burnished timber weighs 31 pounds, aiding riders in reaching speeds of up to 35 mph. The longboard also has an intricate 23-carat gold dragon inlay, sealed with yellow and red resin.

Stuart's board also features a hollow wooden hull and an unusual blue six inch Vort-X tunnel fin and the striking contrast in materials makes it look like a work of modern art. Although the surfboard is beautifully made and definitely a showpiece, it's first and foremost crafted to be a high-performance piece of surf equipment.