Nike and Footlocker Join with Kevin Durrant in 'Who is KD?'

By: Jonathon Brown - Published: • References: footlocker and
“Who is KD?” That’s what the detective in this new Footlocker commercial is trying to find out.

Kevin Durrant stars in this ad for his newest shoe with Nike. In a mock criminal investigation, a detective gives a briefing on a “vicious dunking” the night earlier. The only clue to the suspect is a shoe, according to the detective who presents it in a clear plastic bag.

Kevin Durrant almost gets caught when the Footlocker employee asks him where his other shoe is. Clearly it was Durrant. Get it?

This is the latest in a string of Footlocker commercials featuring Kevin Durrant and Nike products. The collaborative advertising by Nike and Footlocker effectively gets star power out of Durrant to benefit of two brands instead of one.