This Arduino Nerf Target Wall Alarm Clock Requires a Shot to be Silenced

By: Michael Hemsworth - Feb 8, 2017
References: & geeky-gadgets
Those who find themselves continuously having trouble waking up in the morning might find the Arduino Nerf Target Wall Alarm Clock to be an effective piece of equipment for getting up.

The clock works by featuring a piezoelectric sensor that is attached inside the clock's housing in order to require a shot from a Nerf gun in order to be silenced. After the clock has been hit, the clock will begin counting down a snooze alarm to let you catch a bit more sleep before having to shoot the alarm once more or actually get up.

The Arduino Nerf Target Wall Alarm Clock is the design work of YouTube user Normal Universe and responds only to the shot of a Nerf dart and can't be turned off by tapping the sensor surface.