This Tobacco & Menthol Vodka Would Make Unusual Vodka Drinks

By: Misel Saban - Aug 26, 2013
References: ivanabitch & foodbeast
While strange food combinations are no surprise to foodies, this tobacco and menthol-flavored vodka has to be one of the most peculiar vodka drinks out there on the market to-date. With a taste that is reminiscent of a smoker's mouth freshly rinsed out with mouthwash, this vodka is definitely only for the adventurous.

Produced by a kooky family-owned company called IVANAB*TCH, this tobacco and menthol vodka is without a doubt a one-of-a-kind liquor. The taste is apparently just like cigarettes with an undertone of mint. The aftertaste left in your mouth is said to be just like you just finished smoking a cigarette. While this tobacco vodka might not be for everyone, it's without a doubt a creative pairing that you won't find anywhere else.