This Video on Women Educates Men and Women on Inequality

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Jan 31, 2014 • References: youtube and buzzfeed
'7 Things You Should Never Say to Women' is a YouTube video on women who have exchanged conversations with men either in bars or on the street that seem harmless, but have purely offensive or insulting undertones.

These women encounter these pick-up lines or comments quite often and have been overlooking them up until now. The video analyzes the nature of why some men say the things they do and question the false expectations that lay behind them.

Phrases include, "Don't be stuck up," encountered by one of the women simply walking down the street. "You look tired" is another phrase commonly said as well and "You're the cute friend," all of which allude to a lack of courtesy and respect. As a result, this video aims to educate men and women on the repercussions of these offensive advances.