Game Designer Shows Us Life with Tourettes Syndrome

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Dec 18, 2012
References: files.fortressofdoors & gamasutra
Video games being used to educate has been commonplace for decades, but here's a new twist on it: Teaching gamers about the life of someone with Tourette's syndrome. Indie game designer Lars Doucet's new project, Tourette Quest, aims to simulate the feelings of living with the disorder in a browser-based video game format. Doucet has the disorder himself, and so is in a unique position to create a game about it.

The game is based on the Legend of Zelda series, with a hero moving through a dungeon, battling monsters. However, as the player moves through it, they must also work to suppress the character's unpredictable verbal tics, which can cause all sorts of negative effects, like aggravating enemies. But suppressing them increases the character's stress level, creating a sadistic choice between dealing with the negative effects, or bringing you closer to a game over.

The project is still in development, but the latest version is free to play on your browser, and well worth a look.

Implications - Educational games can be more complex than Math Blaster, and can really make us think.