Toronto Artist Aiden Glynn Takes Gaming to the Streets

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Jan 22, 2013
References: pizzaandpixels.tumblr & laughingsquid
Things are getting pixelated on the streets of Toronto, thanks to artist Aiden Glynn and his video game street art. Glynn's art comes in two flavors: one involves taking familiar gaming iconography, like Donkey Kong's barrels, and placing them somewhere conspicuous. The other involves taking objects like dumpster bins and public gardens, and altering them to have personality and character, frequently of the monstrous sort.

Glynn is an animator, street artist and character designer who plans to make a new game-themed piece of street art once a week over at his blog Pizza and Pixels. A brilliant aspect of these bits of video game street art is how they don't simply replicate the characters or objects fully, but simply take a small piece of them, like Pikachu's tail and rely on the viewer to figure the rest out.