The Variations On a Dark City by Espen Dietrichson Skeletal

By: Alexandra Serrano - Sep 24, 2012
References: espendietrichson & dezeen
The Variations On a Dark City by Espen Dietrichson pictorial is part of the artist's exhibition at the French gallery Galerie Roger Tator.

The Norwegian artist explores the skeletal aspects of Lyon's buildings by taking them apart. The walls and roof of each construction are taken apart and levitated to resemble exploded axonometric diagrams. Each manipulated image is created with an incorporation of drawings and photography.

This surrealist imagery explores the question of architecture's bare minimum. With the levitating aspect of this series, each Lyon building seems to have a sense of fluidity. Each paradoxical image is a fantastic show of artful aesthetic manipulation and surrealism. The photographs are part of the One of Many Unusual Moments exhibition by Espen Dietrichson.