The Deja Vu Water Filtration Vape Pen is for Herbs and Wax

By: Michael Hemsworth - Apr 13, 2016
References: & thegadgetflow
Not all vaporizers are created equal as the Deja Vu Water Filtration Vape Pen is designed with specifications that raise it above other options out there.

Crafted with a compact water filtration device, the vaporizer produces vapor via the internal ceramic oven. From here, the vapor passes through the removable bubbler to infuse it with flavor of your choosing. The rechargeable aesthetic ensures continued usage without having to worry about constantly replacing components.

The market for vaporizers has seen a dramatic increase as consumers seek out products that are perceived as a healthier alternative to harmful habits. The Deja Vu Water Filtration Vape Pen is an example of how specialized the market is becoming with products that feature customized features for users.