The Joule is a Power Outlet USB Extension Cord Designed for Modern Life

By: Michael Hemsworth - Nov 26, 2015
References: gowithjoule & indiegogo
The ability to place an outlet exactly where we want or need it would eliminate the need for extension cords, but reaching a similar functionality is possible thanks to the 'Joule' Power Outlet USB Extension Cord that's designed to be the most modern, functional design on the market today.

Featuring outlets that illuminate in the dark, the 'Joule' Power Outlet USB Extension Cord is packed with three traditional electrical outlets as well as two USB ports for charging devices. Built-in surge protection and the ability to attach a cord that can be anywhere from one foot to 25-feet in length round off the 'Joule' Power Outlet USB Extension Cord as being one of the more versatile peripherals around that's ideal for offices, homes and even college lecture halls where students are constantly pining for precious outlets.